Beautify Your Room With Blue Lamp Shade

Each of room has its own lamp to keep it from darkness of the night or cloudy weather. It is needed to maintain the activity of people inside the building. In other words, by having lamp, people inside the room are able to do their activity without being messed up by the darkness. Thus people […]

Inspirational Pictures of Lamp Shades Designed Rectangle

Your home illumination could become highly sophisticated if you complete it with interesting lamp shades. Beside is focusing the light of the lamp, this is functional for decorating the room. This is making sense because lamp shades are designed totally variable in plenty shapes. Somehow, today we need to concern in rectangular lamp shades. Designed […]

Lovely Pink Lamp Shade Design Inspirations

Pink is almost related to girls and feminism. In fact, pink can become so pretentious even when it is placed to boys room. Through the pink lamp shade, your room decorating ideas will definitely awesome. More than that, it has plenty design inspirations that make it able not only for adorning girls’ rooms but also […]

Interesting Paper Lamp Shades to Adorn Home Interior

Several materials are used to make a lamp shade including paper. Although it seems classic, paper still becomes a favorite main material for creating paper lamp shades. Beside is available in many colors, it is portable and can be shaped in any shades that can captivate the lamp design and room décor. Moreover, the colors […]