An Eye Catching Buffet Table Décor

The buffet table is a table that functioned as a place where guests take food and drink in particular event. Decorate the buffet table to be more beautiful is one thing that is important and should be done because it will attract the guests to come and enjoy a meal. How do you decorate the buffet table to make it more alive? In this article, the writers will share about the buffet table décor.

Fabric Folds

Buffet table décor can be a crease on the edge of the buffet table. Decorations like this is commonly used for a party buffet table and wedding buffet table. As you know, usually, the buffet table is covered with a fabric. Well, here is part of the fabric that you can make an ornament of folds. The trick is to decorate the buffet table by using the folds of fabric that covers the sides of the table. The number of regular folds is consisting of several pieces in one hand. The most important is that this decorating creation should in accordance with the theme of the event.


For other table types, you can decorate it by laying flowers at the top of the table. Flowers can be placed on the table or in the middle of the table. But, make sure that the location and position of this decoration does not bother people who want to take food. If you want natural impression, you can use real flowers as buffet table décor but this flower will quickly wither and only lasts for a short time. Meanwhile, if you are using imitation flowers then it will be able to last long. Also, imitation flower color is usually more diverse when compared with real flowers.

Burning Candles

The next buffet table décor is burning candle. Candles have many functions. In addition to add to the impression of romantic and elegant at the buffet table, candles also can prevent the arrival of insects to eat at the buffet table. Decorations like this would be more appropriate if it is used on the buffet table at the evening event.

Concept and Theme

The guests will be interested when see the buffet table which has a certain concept, although not see the dish that is presented. For example, you have an event with the concept of Java. You can give buffet table décor in a form of batik motif element to make your event concepts more alive.

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