Remodel Design With Drop Leaf Console Table

Having the flexible design as house interior design is that you should use drop leaf console table. This furniture can be managed based on the size. That is why you can arrange it as the narrow table or the larger table. For the usage, this table of the drop leaf console can be occupied on the living room, the working room, and the kitchen.

The usage on some rooms

For the detail, every room requires the different aspects of the shape. At least, drop leaf console table presents two shapes. First is the square and second is the circle. Both of them have the flexible parts of the drops. Yet, the circle one is mostly dominated by two spaces only. This is clearly different from the square which has three spaces of the drop table. Based on the appearance, the items have the impact of the modern and the classics. Then, you can determine the drop table themes of the leaf console that you need to remodel your rooms.

To exemplify is the design as drop leaf console table namely the console of the Bonita table drop. Although this item has the circle design, this item does not only present two spaces but also three spaces. This is really unique it is uncommon condition. For the theme, this table looks like the classical one because the painting is strongly dark brown and some carvings are beautified whereas on the feet and on the corner of the circle. Moreover, there is a mall drawer under the surfaces and it is functioned to save the meal and it is made by the glass framed by the hardwood with the same color.

The specification

In the same time, the surface is so smooth because the designers paint in and varnish it on the size 15″Weight x 45″Diameters x 31″Height. In fact, the natural pattern and the motif that the hardwood leaves are so wonderful. To emphasize the motif in drop leaf console table, you can attach it with the stickers which are printed with the original pictures or the abstracts one.

Then, the long square of the table also presents three spaces. This is more flexible because it can be used in every room except the bedroom. The items are not suits if you use as the make-up table. Drop leaf console table with the square is suits for the kitchen. This is reasonable because the square shape can be sufficient to take more food than the circle and you can use the additional space when the visitors come to your house.