Rustic Lamp Shades For Countryside Touch

Nowadays, some hotel or inn offer different sensation with different style. They may design the hotel or inn with countryside style while the others show modernity and futuristic life style. They use wood or-at least-wooden touch to give special impression for their customers. Besides the wooden touch, they also may give countryside style in every single detail such as dining equipment, paintings, or lamp shade. Thus, rustic lamp shades becomes the best choice for the hotel or inn with countryside style.

Rustic Lamp Shade: Safe and Controllable

Similar with the other lamp shade, many variations are applied in designing this rustic lamp shades. It may square-shaped, round-shaped or half cone-shaped. It may be available in small and big size. Each size is suitable for certain kind of room. It is okay to use the smaller size for the smaller room. The brightness is controllable, so you can do your activity safely.

The rustic lamp shades is made from various materials. It may be made from canvas, plastic, or any other material. The craftsman who made it uses the material with good quality, sothe lamp shadeis safe and inflammable. Then you do not need to be afraid that it will be burnt. Its safety is guaranteed. However, it would be better if you make sure that all you have prepared is safe by checking the lamp you are going to use.

Countryside Touch in Your Room

Since it is mentioned as “rustic”, which refers to simple and rough appearance and countryside type, this lamp shade has such a simple motif. Its surface is commonly white, hazel, or cream. Its edge is modified with dark brown or black ornaments. Furthermore, it has unique motifs which refer to life in the countryside. For instance: black forest, moose, maple leaves, or any other motifs. No wonder if some of hotel or inn use the rustic lamp shades to increase the countryside touch for their room.

Furthermore, this is widely-available. It is not hard to find it. If you want to re-touch room in your house, the rustic lamp shade is highly recommended. You only need to put it on the lamp, either desk lamp or hanging lamp. Then you will have different sensation in your own house. The countryside style is well-expressed by this lamp shade. Then, you may change your tablecloth and some small ornament in your house to increase the rustic touch.

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